Writing in Whangarei

before the music starts

by Vaughan Gunson

I’ve had a shower,
got changed
into a nice shirt,
put on mauve coloured
square-toed shoes.

placed upon my head
a baggy cap.

poured a whiskey,
taken a sip.

pushed the button
on my laptop, waited.

looked at the face
of Garcia Lorca
on the spine
of his collected works.

thick dark eyebrows,
hair combed back,
he’s waiting, too.

the computer
has finished starting up.

four minutes past nine.

I take another sip
of my drink.
it tastes good,
as does everything
so far.

a short sharp skid
of noise,
the record’s ended.

I get up & turn it over.
place the needle, hear
so clear
the first scratches
the music starts.

I go back to my desk,
sit down.

a car pulls up outside,
two friends.

they knock on the door.

I let them in.


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