Writing in Whangarei

the adytum of luminous spirits (one)

by Piet Neiuwland

catapaulted voices crowd the
silence of a bleeding sky

in the mild maritime season
love is an embryo of bubbling auroras

in a black idea of eyes
we stray onto a meteor of hail
circled by ravens, pelicans and swans

you float on gossamer wings of sound
recalling the innocence of birth

waiata of the dead call to the unborn
and we become prey to angels of islands

your fingers blossom on my eyelids
my lips flower on your thighs

pellucid sighs abandon in a tide of ancient moons

on a ridge corroded by rain
tears speak of an invisible silence
blood clots of cloud spill into muddy rivers

marshes stir with footprints of pukeko

Tawhitirahi, Aorangi trumpet rhyolite castles
in an ocean, in a sky of all blues

engulfed in hurricanes of currents
moulded in our stone hands

in the ritual of gardens
you choose an untravelled path
between kowhai and stars


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