Writing in Whangarei

Block Party

Voices call me out of sleep
groggy, curious, I creep
toward the kitchen,
where the drinks are mixin’
This ain’t my scene, but I think
I’ll stay, like this song,
won’t you come out to play…
You, Cheshire-grin, know-it-all:
d’you like the party so far?
and you, boy in the spelling bee:
how’d’you get from A to Z?
butcher, baker, candlestickmaker:
you don’t belong here, take your
childish rhymes off my page!                                                     (sigh)
This is better: I spy
shitgreen Staasi-shirts marching by
but wait, what’s that? why are they drinking
with Wolf and Biermann,– what’re they thinking?
that ain’t right: they’re not fighting the fight
but everything’s topsy turvy:
Hagen’s singing cabaret,
Liza’s communing with Krishna
and Johnny’s rotting in the corner with scurvy
Tamara sings Bye-bye my love and we dance
real slow, build walls, turn west
This Wall’s my Wall — gotta mount it
go under over maybe around it
build it, climb it, Christo-bind it
find a way to nevermind it
My catch-22: I want to keep you,
but I’ve got to show some the door
there’s a major cast, a major twist,
with a major ending, a major fist
fight in the toilet
But I can’t sustain this frantic pace,
I’ve got to trim, cut, paste,
shut some of you up lest you go and
spoil it
(And who let in that orangutan?
he jumped stories, he ain’t part of this plan!)
Gotta sleep, pull up the cover,
Let me know when the party’s over 


-Michelle Elvy


One response

  1. Well Michelle, something has to happen with Voices… I’m just getting back in the scene ahain, fumbling about as always and I need somewhere to submit, share, flash my poetry and fiction. .. can you help? Fuddyduddyfan Jx

    December 2, 2015 at 4:01 pm

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