Writing in Whangarei

Then touch is distant light

then touch the distant light as it fades into shadow, the Tutamoe clays roll over in verdant velvet smooth ridges and Maunganui the bluff lies slumbering against the aquamarillion haze, thunder rolls over Waipoua, light splitting out from rewarewa crystalline caught in sunlit flash, the river boils, surges, rushes over rapids hissing and laughing, the forest tastes the roar of water through canyons of kauri their cold trunks and asteliad gardens dripping fungi bloom in myriads of cinnabar and soft myceliae, mosses saturated burst open glowing translucent breathing new sporophytic generations, nikau pregnant gestate creamy white florets beneath green cupped sheaths, the visual extravaganza of moonlight and milkyways and cloud masses silently drifting across the canopy, its knitted surface of leaves, conical crowns and pyramidal spires, optimizing the shape of leaves and emergent rata epiphytic and moody the patchwork of life histories, deposition and falling of leaves, branches, cones, fronds, trunks and flowers, all the colours that make the shade, the seedlings, the single organism of networks that is this jungle


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