Writing in Whangarei

Where we’re going

You can find us in and around Whangarei mostly.

Vaughan Gunson’s poetry is featured this month
at the Tuatara Gallery at 29 Bank Street, Whangarei.
‘Four fingers & a thumb’ is an exhibition of new work
by artists Ellie Smith (photographer), Wilson O’Halloran
(collage artist) & Tim Reed (drawer & printmaker).
Each artist has produced artworks for broadsheet
publications of Vaughan’s poems. The broadsheets
are available at Tuatara Gallery for $6 each (or $15
for three). The poems are about the personal and the
political, parenting, the town of Hikurangi, love,
creativity, escape, and social responsibility.
The combination of images and poems has highlighted
the themes in the poems, but also uncovered new
connections and meanings. The exhibition is on until
29th September.

Peter Larsen is here and there. More or less.

Michelle Elvy’s work appears weekly online
at 52|250 A Year of Flash. Two of her short
stories are appearing in the near future in
A-Minor and the inaugural edition of Ramshackle
and she has several travel and sailing
articles appearing in the next several months
in Cruising World, Latitudes & Attitudes,
Liveaboard Magazine, and Blue Water Sailing.

Bernard Heise  contributes regularly to
52|250 A Year of Flash. He  also
has articles appearing in upcoming issues of
Latitudes & Attitudes and Blue Water Sailing.

Damian Pullen’s fiction can be read at
52|250 A Year of Flash.


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